Construction Management

A J&R construction manager’s mission is to maximize customer value by optimizing the efficient flow of products and services horizontally across technologies, assets and departments. Whether your project is big or small J&R’s cost consolidation process, a value centric business model, fluidly integrates its global supply chain resources with the strengths of its proven and trusted service network creating more value with fewer resources and at lower costs.

With years of consulting and project management experience a J&R Construction Manager brings this value focused discipline to every project in the build environment. Whether you are undertaking a simple renovation, a demolition and rebuild, remediation of a contaminated Brownfield site or a major Greenfield infrastructure development they are a single, central point of contact between all participants on the job. From start to finish a J&R Construction Manager delivers quality construction projects built to specification, on time and on budget.  

Hiring an experienced J&R Construction Manager is a smart decision before beginning a construction project. They know the local laws, regulations and permitting procedures and they know the performance capability of the Cayman Islands’ subcontractor service and supply sector very well, and when necessary only choice the most reliable and performance proven partners. 

Over-bidding, weak negotiation, limited outsourcing and restrictive island based supply options lock in your upfront costs. Subsequent subcontractor or tradesman underperformance is the leading causes of budget overruns and costly rebuilds. Trusting these negotiations and project management to an experienced J&R construction manager reduces your project cost, speeds up build times and ensures a seamless, quality, on time handover.

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