Petroleum Quantifying and Control

Whether you store Petroleum products of Sales or Own Consumption J&R offers a comprehensive range of services to support and optimise your business. With the recent volatility and record-breaking prices for these resources, it is vital that molecule controls are at their highest.


Because your core is so valuable, it is essential to ensure that all equipment that meters, measures or allocates stored hydrocarbons is in optimal working condition and providing accurate information. We can help you with calibration services and metering consultancy services to ensure the highest level of measurement accuracy.


We offer support with distribution and retail, including calibration services, facility audits, leak detection, and maintenance. As the field of oil and gas logistics can be so complex, our team of experts help you get your products to where they need to be, safely, securely, and in compliance with national and international standards.


Contact us today to find out how our range of services dedicated to oil and gas deliver a competitive advantage for you.