Meter Calibrations

With calibration of measurement instrumentation services from J&R, you can be sure of the highest degree of measurement accuracy, reducing measurement uncertainties. Meter calibration enables you to avoid large financial, and reputational losses.




Accurate metering is an essential prerequisite to reliable hydrocarbon measurements. Should metering equipment be noncompliant with legislative or project requirements there are potentially huge cost implications. Compliance issues may arise from system design and equipment selection, miscalculation, procedural errors or the failure for maintenance to be performed when required.


J&R supports Petroleum Storage and Handling by ensuring that meters, meter provers, flow computers, instruments, samplers, and all other elements comprising the measurement system operate effectively to deliver the information required for business integrity. On-site systems installation services include, calibrating new meters and certifying metering system compliance at the factory; and once metering systems are operational, we test their accuracy and audit their capabilities to ensure they are consistently providing metering and measurement performance, in accordance with specified standards.